Euphoria Food and Beverage (EFB) is an import and export food consolidator based in the UK with offices in Central London and the north of England.

With its reliance partner of UK Global Logistics (UKGL) for distribution services from Europe to Asia, Australia, and New Zealand and vice versa.

We acknowledge the difficulties and logistical nightmare endured when dealing, organising and arranging shipments with suppliers especially when a combination of languages are involved. We can help to resolve these problems and also save money.

EFB offers an extremely unique service as your local agent to manage suppliers while leaving you time to do what you do best. We can ensure the quality, quantity and punctuality of the goods you are purchasing. With our reliable distribution partner UKGL, you can rest assured that your goods will be transported and delivered to your destination on schedule.

We will consolidate your goods from various suppliers into one shipment so that you may benefit from the economies of scale, less paperwork and a smaller chain of people involved in the process. We work with many carriers, both air and sea depending on your needs and urgency.

EFB has years of experience and can work with your existing suppliers as well as giving you an alternative product with competitive prices. We can tailor our services to look and provide products that you required.